Model X

The most innovative media-water advertising platform in the world

Equipped with built-in IPS HD 27’’ interactive touchscreen, featuring most advanced programmatic advertising, including gender and age recognition, camera and Wi-Fi. Model X comes with water filtering system (steel and sparkling water). Ideal for placing across many industries and public areas – airports, business centers, shopping malls, conference centers, health centers, fitness centers, hospitals, universities and campuses, hotels etc.
Media part
Touch screen monitor
IPS HD 27″

• Now you can earn a lot more, except impressions, sell clicks, coupons and lead!
• IPS Screen is visible even on the side without any loss of color
• Vertical monitor, allows to divide the screen into three or more video zones

HD Camera

• Determines the sex and age of the user
• Includes the desired clip, depending on the definition of user
• Generate 8 times more profit at the expense of rotations

Stereo speakers

• Sound creates a complete perception of the video

Wi-Fi / 3G modem

• Allows remote control screen
• Communicate with smartphones and computers of users

Computer & Soft

• Manage media content
• Construction of advertising campaigns
• Wide range of analytics about users
• Personal office for the advertiser
• Integration with programmatic advertising

Water part
Sensor buttons

• Cold & room temperature
• Bottle or cup
• Sparkling water optional

Dual cup dispenser

• Cold & room temperature
• Bottle or cup
• Sparkling water optional

Aluminum body

• The combination of light-alloy metal and designed trend

Service door on the rails

• Convenient access, no bolts and unnecessary movements

Ice Bank

• The best solution for cold water in public places


• You want to give your customers more than water?

Filtration system

• Carbon, UF or RO, you can use any.
The main thing is to meet the requirements of your region