Our mission

To create performance based media platform that generates profits to owners, advertisers and users, while taking care of human basic need of clean water consumption.

Watermedia International

Founded in 2014, Watermedia International Ltd. developed and designed the world’s 1st dispenser platform with DOOH screen (registered patent), designed for programatic advertisement.

Operating in Italy, Russia and Israel, with hundreds of locations, providing a natural synergy between human basic needs of drinking water and advertising.

The Idea

Sport is our passion and takes a inseparable part in our daily life. While training in one of our gyms we have noticed that advertisers consider water-coolers as the most attractive advertising location. It is that one spot, where everyone goes at least few times during there training and stays there for 15 to 40 sec. Undivided attention, captivated audience as well as basic need of clean water in our eyes become an opportunity for creating Watermedia system that will change the way people consume water and advertising in public locations.

The Concept

Water consumption has constant demand, hence the opportunity to catch positive attention of many consumers with free drinking water and interactive DOOH advertising screens with programmatic advertising.

Our experience in Russia

In 2014, we launched our 1st generation of water-media dispensers in Russian federation – over 150 units were successfully deployed across all major cities in Russia. Among our clients are top worldwide advertisers such as Reebok, Jeep, Vodafone, L’Oréal, Clarins and more.

Our experience in Israel

Watermedia have launched the 1st generation media-water dispensers in Israel together with LAVI Media, we positioned Watermedia dispensers in leading sports clubs chains: ‘Go Active’ and ‘Space’. Shortly after Watermedia dispensers became main channels of communication between fitness club management team to the clubs clients presenting new promotions, offers and advertisements.